The Hotchkiss Mountain Gun

Ammunition: Casings

Casing Headstamps

The illustration, to the left, shows five of the six headstamps that I am aware f.  There might only be five.  The missing example is for a Hotchkiss Wrapped casing which might be identicle to the head on the right of the second row.  If you have an example, let me know.

Starting at the top and going from left to right:

1) Tinned Frankford Arsenal case. 

2) Seemingly an untinned, dated FA case.  It is not in my collection so I did not examine it.  I am trying to track down the owner.

3) Union Metallic Cartridge Company (UMC) case.  This company made components, not rounds.  I will post their price sheet in due course.

4) Winchester

5) 2 Piece drawn Hotchkiss Paris marked case.  Perhaps the same head as a wrapped case though the head here is brass and the wrapped cases have a steel head.  Who knows.

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