The Hotchkiss Mountain Gun

Ammunition: Projectiles

Ammunition Types

I have identified a total of nine distinct projectiles that are associated with the 1.65" Hotchkiss round.  Often these projectiles are unmarked so the only way of determining their origin is by examining rounds that have not been unloaded.  For the projectiles on the left, I have indicated such an identification. 

1) Chilled cast iron base fused common shell.  From an intact Winchester marked case.

2) Chilled cast iron base fused common shell. Associated with a drawn Hotchkiss Paris marked case.

3) Nose fused.  In terms of form, a mate to <2>

4) From a wrapped Hotchkiss Paris marked case.  Note that the current example was not from an intact case but many examples exist so the identification as "Hotchkiss Paris" is, I think, supportable.

5) Unmarked though it shares the identicle fuse as <9>.  Frankford Arsenal identified this type of wide rotating band as being the new round to be delivered in 1880.

6) Nose fused Winchester shell.  Ordnance acceptance mark.

7) Brass case shot.  From an intact Winchester case.

8) Tin case shot.

9) (not pictured) Similar to <6> above except that the band is unmarked and there is no cannilure.  From an intact Frankford Arsenal tinned case.
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